Liquid nitrogen dosing, transfer and handling systems


NITRODOSE® LN2 dosing systems
are used to pressurize or inert a variety of packages.  Six systems are available to address all line speeds and aseptic applications.  Each is equipped with Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC platforms, Smartsync Technology, five recipe storage and five on board languages.  All are accurate to +/- 3% dose weight and provide the lowest dosing pressure 0.3 psi.

NITRODOSE® Systems available
EasyDose G2 and G2 Plus, NITRODOSE® G2 and G2 Pro, HS Aseptic, Linerter II

SEMIFLEX® LN2 piping,
available in sealed or dynamic, is vacuum insulated, flexible piping designed to provide the lowest cool down and steady state heat loss, eliminating frost, moisture and ice ball problems. Constructed of either stainless steel or copper and each can be combined with CobraFlex flexible hose for efficient connections to use points for on demand supply.

Liquid nitrogen piping available
SEMIFLEX®, Stainless SEMIFLEX®, CobraFlex®, Triax

Liquid nitrogen phase separators
provide continuous on demand LN2
delivery at atmospheric pressure minus
entrained gas. Single or multiple outlet
models available in both sealed and
dynamically pumped units. All LN2 Phase
Separators are furnished integrel with
Semiflex/Triax piping for low pressure,
single phase LN2 delivery to use points.

Liquid nitrogen liquid/vapor phase
separators available
Modulating liquid/vapor phase separator
Sensor controlled liquid/vapor phase separator
Single outlet liquid/vapor phase separator

NITROMATIC® automatic
LN2 fill station

provides a true LN2 fill and reduces LN2 and
labor waste. Equipped with a safety timeout
feature that can be set for 30, 60, 90 or 120

Dewar fill station available



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