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November 2008 - Campbell, CA Vacuum Barrier Alliance announces their new 3-D technology (directional dose dispersion) that is available as an option on their NITRODOSE® liquid nitrogen dosing equipment and easily adapts to all models.

A Stainless Steel disperser block was developed with particular geometries, depending on the package and application, which is impacted by the dose. This impact causes the dose to behave in a controlled fashion, spreading out like a fan or coming together in a stream. "We have taken advantage of the Leidenfrost effect, which is essentially an engineered vapor between the dose and the dose disperser. This vapor barrier minimizes the effect of the disperser." States, Mike Johnson, Director, North American Sales, Vacuum Barrier Corporation.

3D technology is ideal for use on hot-fill can or bottled lines, or packages with larger openings and limited headspace. The liquid nitrogen dose is directed to lie on top of the package to provide the most consistent dose from package to package at all line speeds.

Since 2000, Vacuum Barrier Alliance, LLC has been providing liquid nitrogen dosing, handling and transfer equipment to a variety of industries. We are the exclusive Western USA distributor of Vacuum Barrier Corporation, established in 1958, who continues to design, engineer and manufacture liquid nitrogen handling equipment in their MA facility. We offer no charge application engineering and design services to our clients.




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